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Grunge Designs


To Create This:



I used these Eyes: http://www.haveabettergolfgame.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/eyes_pictures.jpg

Then used Screen Layer Blend with Leaf: http://www.atria-associates.co.uk/images/leaf_1509b.jpg

Then Lighten Layer Blend with Clouds: http://extremechasing.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/storm-clouds.jpg

I used Vivid Light with Lightening: http://api.ning.com/files/oxLLOzbnoNHHl-KBzgM3W6CI7x2pOuUjvVkCDYzKwsRMh2zKgCe0yfkixtDvMXd3uGKcMHMTbU53swQm*nzLa0vz93LNrEbm/Lightning_1.jpg

Wrote the Text in Porcelain.

Finally added Texture with Scratches: http://www.unsigneddesign.com/Scratched/12.JPG



I used similar techniques to create these images:

Skateboard Sussex


I used this Skateboard image: http://rlv.zcache.co.uk/create_a_custom_skateboard-p186466805280336822envdg_400.jpg

Applied Text in “Cracked”

Then textured with Concrete crack: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3544/3406903520_eda54eb80b.jpg


For the background image:



For background (body) image I used brushes from http://www.misprintedtype.com/v4/

And textured the background: http://texturezine.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/grunge_texture.JPG

The body is very large to accommodate any size of screen. The main site page will enlarge to fit the screen used.










Water – The Source Of Life



I am working on a web project for college.

My brief is to design 6 digital images to be placed on the National Geographic website to help promote the programme “Water – The Source of Life”

The programme is to be based on our misuse of water.

I am only required to design the graphics for this project – not the web pages.

My original idea is centred around the melting of the polar ice caps and flooding of mainland areas.

In the developed world we largely manage any sea encroachment onto land, but in the developing world, especially in parts of Asia, flooding is a big problem, as the Japanese Tsunami showed us a couple of years back.

With this environmental thought in mind I considered what some of the major cities in Eruope and the US would look like underwater, as though the sea had indeed swallowed them up.

The Sea

I started with a couple of images of bolow the sea:

My first underwater image.

I liked the circular effect of the rocks and the coral at the bottom. I thought it would look good with a city nestled onto it.

My second image.

Although this is darker in colour, I knew that I could alter the light in Photoshop. I particularly liked the way the light beams down onto the image from above.

The Cities

Now I needed images of the cities. I started with Paris.

I liked this image because it shows a number of famous monuments and who could fail to recognise the Tour Eiffel?

Then I chose Rome, which is another iconic European city:

I loved the colours in this image and thought I could get some very interesting effects by playing with the light.

Then I turned my attention to America and chose images of New York and San Francisco:

And finally I found an image of Sydney, Australia, to complete my collection:

The light is amazing in all these images.


The next job was to put the city images together with underwater images and using layer blends, create an underwater-city image.

After some work, I have come up with the following images:

Paris Underwater

Rome Underwater

New York Underwater

San Francisco Underwater

Sydney Underwater

All I need to do now is decide which two images I’m going to submit for my project.

I have to add some text, so I will see which images look best with the text added.

Image References

Underwater 1

Underwater 2


New York

San Francisco